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Doujinishi:リトル オヤブン- Little Oyabun by Pesce Rosso G


I h8 my computers lag on photoshop cleaning the pages was like runNING THROUGH WATER

ah well nother translation kiddos
scans are completely by Boss

This is a safe for work doujin.  
Characters: Spain,Romano,England,France
Pairing is Spamano and some suddle FRUK I guess.  



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I really cannot stress enough that Romano ISN’T the forgotten Child and Grandpa Rome loved both of his grandsons very much. 

In the scanlation of when grandpa Rome came to visit there’s a scene that didn’t make it into the anime 


Rome went to visit Romano too. 

In fact, he nuzzles up to him telling him “grandpa’s here” 

If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

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