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"Other Himaruya-style artist Appreciation Post
It’s time to appreciate artist who can make a Hima-papa style art

XVI century in Asia by White-Bears

[APH] Afternoon Tripby XXXxVivixXXX

Like,totally fabulous!by Yaseko-Kurusu

We’re not scary at all…by NyuKoneko

Taiwan-chanby Haru-Eden

Hetalia:Icelandby Gn1hc

[APH Cardverse] Queen of Diamondsby Andi-chin

HETAFREE!!by shushuro

Pink Police Iggy [APH]by KseNiYA-sovA

AT : (usuk) My boyfriendby NonexistentWorld

I’m supporting this wonderful artist, I hope you do too
part 2?

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